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Hey! I'm Einat

15+ years experience as Executive Assistant to CEO's and Founders, leading various logistics roles, right hand to VP HR, creating global employee wellbeing, all in parallel, faced me with a broad variety of diverse situations, which require a fast pace, out-of-the-box solution based mindset.

Working at startups in numerous high-tech industries, each through different scale-up 'growing pains', came with the opportunity to dabble in many areas. The biggest constant was my role to those seeking help, inspiration or advice.

In 2018, I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. ​Taking a step out of my hectic high-tech-ride, provided me the opportunity to zoom out, observe, learn, write and obtain needed data. 
Wonderings about our society, focusing on existing gaps between employees' needs and the Modern Day Workforce, brought me to found E.T Culture as Strategy.

Use your unique, authentic culture to stand out in the competitive landscape.

If you're seeking discreet, straightforward, creative guidance, 
and this resonates with you, let's chat.


Situations aren't difficult, truths are. 

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