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Handling ‘CoronaVirus’ like a boss - HighTech Edition

“..Employees are looking for purpose and meaning in both professional and personal aspects, and are actively seeking employers which encourage this culture. Over the past few years, we are witnessing a huge rise in employees quitting due to "burn-out", which was recognized as a health epidemic by the National Health Org in 2019. Employers are now expected to take stand in current social struggles, supporting important activism where governments are lacking (Edelman Trust Barometer, 2019)...ongoing technology leaps, atomization, global warming, governmental political matters, are just a handful of the current and future realities, we must aim to align with.”

The paragraph above was taken from a post I wrote a couple months ago. And then came Corona.

Still waiting for ‘one day’ to happen, caught unprepared again? Corona is the expected unpredictable event that shoves you out of your comfort zone and commands you to evolve or stay behind. Agility towards actual workplace flexibility is a reality dictation.

My social and professional channels are recently flooded with questions aimed towards knowledge and content sharing regarding ‘Global uncontrollable situations’. Here’s the no fuss checklist, I created for you:


Bonus Internal communications template email:

Hey team,

We are staying tuned to the most relevant government guidelines and will continue to update daily. We understand that everyone has their unique way to cope with stressful situations and humor is an important part of life. That being said, please make sure you are respectful and kind of how others around you, may be coping. We are building a designated mission team, if you’d like to take part, reply to this email and you’ll be added to the group. OR: We have a designated mission team to manage unpredictable situations. Introducing, {insert all team members full names}. We highly encourage reaching out if you have any questions, suggestions, worries or need a place to share.

Find our policy attached. Daily updates here {add link to board/slack group or daily email..}

{Finish email with an uplifting personal note}


Most importantly, keep calm, ask people how they are doing, create an internal game or find your way to keep things light. Connect a laughable, enjoyable experience to this time and memory.

PS: This is an excellent time to test a variety of out-of-office communication platforms...

PS 2!

Companies have the power to create impacting immediate change. The tools to provide meaning for its employees. Being innovative involves spotting trends, creating opportunities, and taking risks.

Ready to lead and take risk, or you’d rather safely follow and stay outdated?




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