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Offboarding can save your reputation

Alumni, advocate, community, or however you choose to call it, your once-employee’s represent you, and have a big part in your reputation.

“How do I stay part of an organization, while no longer being part of it’s payroll?” The word ‘goodbye’ brings a rainbow of emotions with it. Mixed emotions leaving the known; excitement, sadness, fear, anger, happiness and disappointment, grief. Leaving a workplace naturally puts us in a limbo situation, out of our comfort zone, which can be an anxious and overwhelming time. Leaving a workplace, also means leaving friends, memories, inside jokes and routine.

Ease this experience, have a standardized policy, create an offboarding booklet with all needed information and point of contact. Treat them as you would your investors. Turn goodbye, to see you later. Make “unit pride” mutual and timeless. Embrace this and provide your once-employee the tools, channels and meaning to do so. * Offer same referral rewards as active employees

* Annual summit, opportunity for knowledge sharing * Root for each other, acknowledge and take pride in once-employees’ current endeavors

Disclaimer - Your company culture and processes must be aligned, in order for this to succeed.

Comment below and shoutout companies who have awesome offboarding processes 🙌



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